Burger King’s Japanese locations have been struggling recently, so the fast-food company is resorting to a time-honored strategy for ramping up the profit margins: adding booze. Starting tomorrow, customers at three Tokyo area Burger Kings will be able to order a mojito, Cuba Libre, or even a Long Island Iced Tea (classy!) for about $4.58. The catch: The drinks have extremely limited availability; only 30 of them will be sold per day, and only between 6pm and 11pm alongside one of Burger King Japan’s new specialty rib dinners.

This isn’t the first time Burger King has experimented with adding alcohol to its menu. In 2010, the chain began offering beer and wine at its six of its ten more upscale Whopper Bar locations, spread across the United States, Venezuela, Singapore, and Spain. Brews went for about the same price as one of the newer cocktails, but were soon discontinued due to the structural and regulatory hassles of selling alcohol in a fast-food restaurant. The Japanese locations, however, continued to stock Heineken.

There’s no word yet on whether Burger King plans on actually selling the drinks to more than 30 people a night, but those lucky enough to live in the Tokyo area are encouraged to let the world know what a mojito from the restaurant that brought us the Bacon Sundae tastes like.

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