Jones Soda Co. has always had a bit of a weird sense of humor, complementing its standard roster of flavors (cane cola, root beer, etc.) with offbeat releases such as candy-corn soda and a drink called Your Momegranate. However, they may have gone too far with poutine soda, which takes its cues from the Québécois speciality featuring french fries, cheese curds, and gravy.

We encountered some of these gimmicky savory sodas last year during our epic soda tasting, most notably the truly disgusting Bacon Soda from Rocket Fizz. They tended to taste like sugar water infused with chemical versions of the foods they were meant to represent. Still, they make for a great gag gift.

Poutine soda is a limited release and is currently available only in parts of Canada, but you can follow the Jones Twitter feed to see videos of customers giving it a taste test.

[via HuffPo]