How did you make the transition from Natty Ice-pounding college kid to card-carrying hop head? The more fellow beer lovers I talk to, the more I realize our stories are kind of the same—we started with crappy swill pilfered from pops, drank way too much as an undergrad, had an “AHA” moment with something European, became obsessed with hops, chased some white whales, became snobby, discovered Brettanomyces, became even snobbier, and now we basically just love session beers and quiet bars. Amiright?! Even Dogfish Head’s Sam Calagione seems to have followed a similar arc, at least at the beginning.

The journey into craft-beer nerdom is as glorious as it is predictable. Grab a brew and let’s all relive it together.

Click through the gallery above to chart the 25 stage of being a beer nerd.