The whizzes over at Serious Eats: Drinks have a new use for your French press that’s way better than coffee brewing: infusing beer with hops, fruits, spices, and cocoa nibs. The process is quite simple—combine the brew of your choice with whatever ingredients tickle your fancy, let the mixture infuse, then plunge the filter down to separate the solids. “The act of ‘pressing’ the beer will actually increase the infusion of flavor,” says Luis Tovar, who founded the craft beer website Hooked on Hops.

Their inspiration came from Randall the Enamel Animal, a beer-infusion device that the folks over at Dogfish Head created a few years back. The Randall contraption connects a keg faucet to a canister holding fresh hop cones or other flavor-enhancing ingredients. The beer is then pushed through the ingredients as it’s poured, adding an extra hit of hop aroma and herbaceous flavor.

The newest Randall product to hit the market—the Randall Jr.—is a single serving thermos with a built-in strainer, which, interestingly enough, does the exact same thing as a French press.

Serious Eats contributor Luis Tovar gives suggestions for other beer infusions (besides hops) to try with your French press or Randall Jr., including Old Rasputin Imperial Stout with ground coffee and smoked oak, and New Belgium Trippel with lime and mint.

Next step in beer hopping technology: hop pellets that immediately dissolve in shitty beer to cover up the unpleasant taste. We’re too lazy to figure it out, but we want equity if you do.

[via Serious Eats]


Check out this wacky Dogfish Head infomercial for the Randall Jr: