Mayor Bloomberg’s proposed soda ban may have taken a hit in March when a New York Supreme Court judge deemed it “arbitrary,” but “Asian female rap sensation” Awkwafina—she of “My Vag” fame—is still worried that it could still threaten the legality of a very important large and sugary drink: the giant margarita.

In her latest video, “Mayor Bloomberg (Giant Margaritas),” she pleads the mayor, “Please don’t take my freedom, my giant margarita.” The song is full of similarly ridiculous statements—”Ain’t tryin’ to go to MoMA, I’m trying to drink mimosas”—and plenty of random interludes about having a double gooch and eating cat food.

One sentiment we can definitely get behind: “[I’m] trying to shake my ass to some Neptunes / Wake up in the morning in an Applebee’s restroom.”

[via YouTube]