On the eve of Kentucky Derby and Cinco De Mayo weekend, you should definitely prep your mind along with your liver for the (heavy) drinking to come. So fill your noggin’ with this week’s best booze stories before things kick off.

1) Beer knowledge. Find out why certain beers, like Bell’s and Russian River, aren’t distributed in NYC. [Brew York]

2) Bad ass margaritas = bad ass Cinco De Mayo. Basic margaritas are for basic people. Try your hands at one of these more amped-up versions, like strawberry-sriracha and cucumber-cilantro. [Buzzfeed Food]

3) Cinco De Derby. This weekend is not only Cinco De Mayo, but also the Kentucy Derby. Liquor.com shows you how to get your drink on for both in the same glass—saving you from having to decide between margaritas and mint juleps. [Liquor.com]

4) Screw mint juleps, give me bourbon. In case you’re more about horses and less about the Mexicans defeating the French, here is a fine list of bourbons worth checking out as you watch the race. [Food Republic]

5) $5 meal in a glass. If you care more about what to drink at brunch than anything else this weekend, definitely check out this insane bloody Mary courtesy of a small bar in Wisconsin. They change seasonally and are topped with everything from cheeseburgers to nachos with cheese. Just know you will be judged. [Consumerist]