The NBA playoffs are full swing and there has been plenty of questionable ref calls and poor player performance. Whether you’re drinking this weekend because your favorite team won or lost—or because you’re J.R. Smith—be sure to catch up on the best booze stories from this week.

1) Surprisingly successful celebrity spirits. Celebs have been endorsing booze brands forever. Many times these involve some strange combination or a flat out horrible idea (see: Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino’s protein-infused vodka). put together a list of somewhat legit celebrity-endorsed spirits including P. Diddy’s Ciroc Vodka, Dan Aykroyd’s Crystal Head Vodka, and the mind boggling partnering of Bill Murray and Mikhail Baryshnikov for Slovenia Vodka. []

2) Are Pabst Blue Ribbon-swilling hipsters responsible for cheap beer price hike? Researchers seem to think so. Thanks to a word-of-mouth campaign, PBR became cool again, causing its prices to rise along with other beers found in the grouping of “sub-premium,” a.k.a shitty but drinkable beers. According to one commenter on the article, they used to be able to buy a six-pack of PBR for $2, which is now lower than the price of a single can at most establishments. [NY Daily News]

3) When BYO wine becomes too expensive. We all know that restaurants inflate the price of wine and liquor, and when possible, it can be much much cheaper to bring your own bottle to dinner. While not all restaurants allow customers to bring their own wine, those who do tend to charge a corkage fee, which can be worth it if it’s a bottle saved for a special occasion. The fees are getting out of control however, with some places charging as much as $85 dollars—which makes the restaurant wines basically as affordable. [WSJ]

4) Chillsner is your beer’s new bestie. The impending summer heat doesn’t only have implications on your tan, but also how fast your beer heats up as well. Thankfully, the guys behind the wine-chilling Corksicle have created a version, aptly named the Chillsner, to keep bottles of beer cool to the last drop. [Food Republic]

5) The Old-Fashioned is far from outdated. Seriously, forget the latest spherified appletini, classic cocktails are where it’s at. Jeff Bell from PDT demonstrates how to make the best damn Old Fashioned through a series of step-by-step GIFS. Definitely take a couple minutes to learn this, then reap a lifetime of benefits.