June starts tomorrow, which means that outdoor drinking on rooftops, patios, backyards, or any combination of the three becomes perfectly acceptable to do on a daily basis. So before you get started on a summer of cold beers (we recommended these craft beer classics) and sweaty nights, catch up on the week’s best booze news.

1) Decoding wine snob jargon, part one. The term “cool climate” flows as freely in the wine world as tequila at a bachelorette party—but what the hell does it really mean? Steven Grubbs, the wine director of the reputable Empire State South, breaks down the definition of cool climate and why it matters sans any snobbery. He even has a pretty badass cool climate tattoo. [Serious Eats]

2) Beer trivia is the best kind of trivia. Calling all beer nerds, Discover put together a list of 20 things you might now have known about beer, including fun facts about it’s incredibly old school origins, health benefits, and chemistry. Even better than the post is the hilariously intense comment section. [Discover]

3) Gin is stepping up its flavor game the classy way. Vodka has long ruled the flavored booze market. Unfortunately, most flavored vodkas tend to lean towards the categories of cheap and/or weird. Gin, on the other hand, is already flavored with juniper berries, but doesn’t tend to get too crazy from there. Now, gin makers stateside are flavoring their artisanal creations with a variety of locally sourced botanicals, or hints of honey. No whipped cream gin seems to be on the horizon, thankfully. [WSJ]

4) Speaking of flavored vodkas, here are some of the craziest kinds. Liquor.com compiled a list of some of the world’s strangest vodka flavors. The list includes everything from maple syrup to smoked salmon, with buttered popcorn and rainbow sherbet also making the cut. Word to the wise, if you find any of these at a party, find the nearest exit as quickly as possible. [Liquor.com]

5) How to make wine from (toilet) water. If for some reason you can’t get your hands on real booze, Buzzfeed has you covered. They have an instructional video on how to make pruno, a.k.a toilet wine, a drink found most commonly in prisons. Apparently, it’s quite easy to make, but no doubt ridiculously difficult to drink. Don’t try this at home. [Buzzfeed]