Anyone who has been lucky enough to travel abroad a few times knows that lagers fuel the world. No matter where you go on this earth—besides maybe deeply religious countries and parts of the tundra where only rugged animals live—you are likely to find people downing some version of the crisp, easygoing, pee-colored beer that we call standard lager.

But what exactly are those brands that people are drinking around the globe? To help you out with the part of social studies that they skipped over in middle school, beer writer and FWF contributor Josh Bernstein has a fun roundup over in Bon Appetit of the Bud-style brands of the world. Some of these may be familiar to you—we all know Stella from Belgium, and even if you haven’t been to Brazil, you’ve probably stumbled upon a can of Skol at some point. But what do people drink in Mongolia? (Chinggis Khan beer, of course.) Or how about Botswana? (A watery brew called St. Louis, paradoxically brewed SABMiller.)

As much as I love craft beer and dislike watered-down lagers back home, there’s always something fun about drinking an everyman beer in a new country—especially countries where they cost next to nothing.

How many of beers on the list have you tried?

[via Bon Appetit]