Jerry Seinfeld has come a long way from not “getting” coffee—like every other American, it now plays a central role in his daily life. The comedian called NPR to share his thoughts on the drink as part of the public radio station’s “Coffee Week.” His epiphany with coffee came about five years ago while on tour, when he realized how well coffee pairs with french toast (of the hotel breakfast variety).

The world of coffee has only continued to open up since then—from instant coffee to espresso, to meeting people for coffee instead of food, Seinfeld is now on-board with the culture of caffeine. Or, as he puts it: “My theory is 98 percent of all human endeavor is killing time. This is a great way to do it.” This idea led to the creation of his web series, Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.

Spoiler alert: In the above episode, Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David are in a car, and then they go get coffee.

[via NPR]