BeerHunt is a newly launched free iPhone app that combines the allure of FourSquare with competitive drinking. Inspired by the growing craft beer industry, the app encourages users to “check-in” each beer that they drink and then awards points and badges based on the rarity, location, and style of the drink. Users can see their drinking history and a map of which countries they’ve sampled beers from, and also how they stack up against their friends on a “Leaderboard.”

The app’s creators hope to throw physical rewards into the mix down the line, but for now it’s useful mainly for designating bragging rights to the friend who drinks the most interesting beers. Or, you know, who just simply drinks the most.

In the past we’ve used Untapped to track our imbibing, but it’s got its bugs and shortcomings. BeerHunt seems worth a try, at very least.

[via cnet]