This week, HuffPo put together a very brave “motley crew of testers” to sample the entire Skinnygirl line of drinks. The brand, started by former Real Housewives of Something or Other cast member Bethenny Frankel, includes 16 different bottles of wines, vodkas, and bottled cocktails. The unanimous verdict? They all suck. So stick to the good stuff. If you’re trying to cut back on the calories, just drink less of it.

The Skinnygirl line has everything from a moscato (“least worst”) to a bottled sangria (“Ew. Ew. McNasty”). We’ve pulled some of the best taste-teste reactions.

  • On the Island Coconut Vodka: “A Russian wouldn’t rinse his mouth with it.”
  • On the Pina Colada: “Melted suntan lotion.”
  • On the White Grapefruit Margarita: “Didn’t make me gag but…”
  • On the Margarita: “Smells like margarita, tastes like mold.”
  • On the California White: “Smells like farts.”
  • On the White Cherry Vodka: “The worst. WORST. Cough syrup tastes better than this.”

Check out the whole thing here if you can stomach it.

[ via Huffington Post]