While the new ribbon-shapped Budweiser cans look kind of fun to crush at a beach party, we’re a little skeptical about the newest innovation from the all-Amurrican beer brand: Buddy Cups, which are integrated with Facebook so that you become friends with someone when you clink cups. If you watch the video below, it looks like you personalize your cup with a QR scanner, then an embedded LED signal is used to make the friendship official on the ‘nets.

So far, Buddy Cups are only available in Brazil, but if they do make it here, college will never be the same. Seriously, doesn’t this system just facilitate gross Internet thirst, allowing people to easily find the random guys and girls they hit on the night, before even if they weren’t even close to getting a number? Beyond that, automating friendship feels like the last step before we just start turning on the “beer goggles” setting on our Google glasses and strapping in for a virtual-reality night on the town. Cheers to technology ruining everything!

[via Foodbeast]