The last week of April is here and it’s finally, sort of spring. This weekend we’ll be cracking some spring beers and maybe hitting a ball game to eat our weight in steak sandwiches. But before it all kicks off, it’s time to catch up on the week’s biggest booze stories.

1) The rise of the American cream ale. If you live on the East Coast you’ve probably had a can of Genesee before, but you might not know that craft brewers are beginning to revive the defunct style. Josh Bernstein has the story. [Imbibe]

2) How-to cocktail videos. ComplexTV and Highsnobiety just teamed up to drop this new series of drink tutorials, beautifully shot and easy to follow. Make your friends a Hennessy Old Fashioned this weekend. [ComplexTV]

3) Max Fish is moving. After real-estate woes that began two years ago, the legendary Lower East Side dive bar is finally moving to Brooklyn. As El-P put it, “NYC is pricing out one of its unofficial cultural landmarks yet again. Good job, assholes.” [Grubstreet]

4) The best new London cocktail bars. Get to know four new hot spots, including Qui Qui Ri Qui, where menus include cheeky tasting notes such as, “BBQ sauce with a hint of lighter fluid.” [Tasting Table]

5) Shiner Bock comes to NYC. The beloved Texan beer is finally in New York, after 104 years of holding out. BBQ spots around the city are trying to snatch it up. Find out who’s selling it here.