Any beer nerd knows that Portland is one of, if not the, premier craft-brew towns in America right now, with a crazy bounty of top-notch brewers in the mix (Deschutes, Full Sail, Hair of Dog), plus some of the country’s finest beer bars.

If you’re planning a PDX trip anytime soon, make use of this epic 2013 Portland Beer Guide from the alt-weekly Willamette Week. It offers an impressively comprehensive look at the scene right now, from an A-Z listing of all of the local breweries, to a breakdown of day-trip worthy beer destinations and a look at the tasting rooms and bottle shops.

While some of the features are only useful if you make it out to Oregon, this creative hops guide is pretty awesome for any beer lover: It matches different varietals with their musical equivalents, providing a pretty fun way to memorize key characteristics of hops that show up in beers all the time.

[via Willamatte Week]