Some lucky drinkers will find out after a Finnish brewery recreates a beer that was recovered in 2010 from a shipwreck at the bottom of the Baltic Sea.

According to the New York Daily News, “The bottles of beer…were still drinkable, preserved by the slightly salty water, low currents, a constant temperature of 41 degrees Fahrenheit, pressure from the sea and the total deep sea darkness.” They were sent to a lab for analysis, and the brewery Stallhagen plans to start selling the beer—described as a pale ale—next year.

Recreations of old beer styles are nothing new. Dogfish Head has its Ancient Ales series, created in collaboration with Dr. Patrick E. McGovern, and Pretty Things makes faithful recreations of recipes discovered in old brewers’ logs.

What’s notable about this shipwreck-inspired ale is that the source material actually exists, and it was apparently drinkable. It’s not based on old recipes or ingredients found at an archeological dig, but rather actual, liquid beer that was analyzed. So perhaps this will be the most accurate taste of what beer was like two centuries ago? We hope we’ll get a chance to sample some ourselves.

[via NY Daily News]