Recently, while trolling the archives for the 16 TED Talks that Will Make You Smarter About Food, we noticed beer’s glaring lack of representation at the conferences. If TED is supposed to be about the big ideas of the day, craft beer definitely deserves a place on the stage. Trailblazing brewer Sam Calagione delivered one back in 2011, and Ethan Cox of Buffalo Community Beer Works gave one about the role of beer in local culture. But beyond that, TED has been pretty much a suds-free zone.

Thankfully, Chad Henderson of NoDa Brewery got a chance to talk hops and malts at last month’s TEDx Charlotte, where he presented a talk called “Zen and the Art of Craft Beer.” He gets into the passion that drives the artisanal beer movement, and discusses the path he took to get into the industry. You can watch it above—here’s hoping that more leaders of the craft-brew scene will grab the mic soon. Garrett Oliver from Brooklyn Brewery is a must.