Last week, we brought you a guide to five great session beers to drink throughout March Madness, a road map for making it through the marathon of games without passing off before dusk. This week, we’re matching each of the teams that made it into the Sweet Sixteen with a beer that reps the team’s locale, its mascot, or its reputation and playing style. Many times, two or more of these criteria overlap.

Now that three quarters of the competition has been eliminated, and we only have a handful of games to watch per day, you can go ahead and indulge a little (the low-ABV standard has been eliminated, though you’ll still find a couple stellar session ales in the mix). At this point, it’s less about stamina and more about celebrating great hoops and great beers. So don’t stall—check out the TV schedule for the games, then hit the package store before the first tip-off.