Pinterest is cool and all, but we’ve yet to really get into it. Most of the “pins” seem to either be wedding dresses, wedding cupcakes, or beaches that you are supposed to go to after your wedding. But then we stumbled upon Women Drinking Beer—a spinoff of this Tumblr of the same name—and suddenly Pinterest didn’t suck so much anymore.

At first glance, it appears to be yet another outlet for some blogger who wants legitimize his (or her?) lustiness through some sort of vaguely artsy curation project. And let’s be honest, it kinda is that. But there’s also something mesmerizing about some of these images, particularly the ones that are not obvious, cleavage-heavy advertising shots but rather candids of all sorts of different women—hipsters, Germans, punks, celebrities, et al—enjoying a brew. Or, um, at least hanging out with one.

Have we fallen into the same trap of trying to intellectualize our thirst (both for beers and for ladies)? Most likely. But let’s not overthink this: Women drinking beer is officially one of the best ideas for Pinterest ever.

Click through the gallery above to see our favorite photos from Women Drinking Beer, then follow the project on Pinterest and Tumblr.