It’s St. Patrick’s Day this weekend—how are you going to behave? The answer may require some soul-searching. Hopefully, these upgraded drinks can set you on the right path. Grab one, then catch up on the week’s best booze stories, before it all kicks off.

1) On borrowing and crediting cocktails. The idea of intellectual property is a contentious subject in the world of craft cocktails, where drink recipes are constantly being referenced and adapted. Todd Thrasher talks to Eater about his menu that consists entirely of cocktails that he borrowed from bartender friends across America [Eater]

2) Vegan cocktails. Yes, they exist. Yes, Brooklyn is to blame. [New York Times]

3) World’s 10 best drinking nations. What does “best” mean? It’s not quite clear from this drunken CNN countdown, but what we do learn is that Ugandans get it poppin’, and that pickle juice is the hangover cure of choice in Moldova. [CNN]

4) How to strategize your St. Patrick’s Day drinking. Grubstreet comes through with tips for tackling the day, almost none of which is useful. But some of them are funny. [Grubstreet]

5) What’s your desert island beer? I’d pick Stillwater Stateside Saison. [Serious Drinks]