Au revoir, February! You were short and weird, like that dude from Willow—but we still liked you a lot (like that dude from Willow). Now, though, it’s on to new and exciting things in March: Spring beers, spring cocktails, spring wines…basically just continuing to drink, but in a spring-like fashion.

As you get ready to close out the work week, here are the booze stories you need to know about:

1) José Andrés gets into the cocktail game. The world-class Spanish chef has launched Barmini in D.C., and GQ got a sneak peek and has some very nice things to say about it. [GQ]

2) Should we fear a beer monopoly? Adam Davidson, of NPR’s Planet Money, investigates the AB-InBev and Grupo Modelo merger, and why the Justice Department has a problem with it. [NYT]

3) The rise of bottled cocktails. Details tracks the trend at five bars around the country—add it to the list. [Details]

4) How to make your own grapefruit bitters. Besides buying a couple obscure ingredients, it actually looks pretty easy. [Serious Drinks]

5) Tørst unveils a rough draft of its beer list. The place is poised to be a gamechanger, so we’ll continue to geek out over new details until we can get in there. [Eater]