Today CNN’s eatocracy released a list of beers with either religious undertones or Easter associations just in time for the holiday weekend. Whether you take part in the festivities or not, here’s a great excuse to seek out a new brew, especially if it’s one with a kitschy name or a tie to a big ass rabbit.

The seven suds on the list are divided into two categories—Blessed and Bunny—and include the Gouden Carolus Easter, which is only released once a year for the special Sunday, and the Lost Abbey Sede Vacante, translating to “vacant seat” for Pope Benedict XVI’s resignation. One inclusion we’ll happily drink is the Pretty Things Fluffy White Rabbit, a classic triple made with three hops and characterized by a hint of clove and pear. The full list includes a bit of history on each brewery and some fun facts surrounding the springtime suds.

[via eatocracy]