The madness has begun! These first few days of the NCAA tournament are make-or-break for the teams involved, but for the viewer, they’re a warmup, and maintaining a marathon-not-sprint philosophy is critical. You can literally watch games nonstop from lunch to bedtime, so you need to pace yourself. Sure, it ain’t a March Madness party without some beers, but if you pass out at the beginning of the second half after your third pint of Green Flash West Coast IPA, you’ll end up with nothing but a Sharpie penis on your face and the shame of missing the greatest buzzer beater of all time.

What you need is a great session beer. Popularized by the British, who know a thing or two about 10-pint nights, this genre of low-alcohol brews (the precise definition is debated, but they should be at least below 5%) is all about the slow burn. You can drink them all day and maintain a pleasant buzz without getting shitfaced. During the Big Dance, that’s exactly what you need.

These days, more and more breweries embracing the appeal of session beers and dialing back the booze on some of their tastiest creations. Here are five of my favorites that I’d recommend to any college hoops-loving beer drinker.