Welcome to On the Record, where we share the quotes that stuck from the past week in food media.

On cooking with the legendary Alain Passard: “Yes, it was incredible. Alain Passard is a genius on the stove, the way he thinks and he moves. The hardest part is learning how to follow him and his moves. It’s intuitive and totally creative. I learned so much about the idea that cooking is not just about heat — it’s about passion, seasonality, the way you move throughout the kitchen. It was incredible. With Ducasse it was similar but completely different. It was about excellence, getting the best products you could possibly find, luxury.” — Chef Claude Bosi, owner of Hibiscus in London [Eater]

On David Chang’s praise of Cheesecake Factory in Bon Appetit‘s 20 Most Important Restaurants list: “In one sense, I agree with him because more people eat at the Cheesecake Factory than will eat at all of the top 20 restaurants combined. So they certainly have influence. Whether that’s a good influence or a bad influence depends on where you stand on food politics, taste, etc. But I disagree with him in the sense that for something to be important it has to be meaningful in a way that pushes people’s expectations.” — Andrew Knowlton, restaurant and drinks editor at Bon Appetit [Bon Appetit]

On the influence of NYC cocktail trailblazer Milk & Honey: “People, myself included, used to have a kind of cowboy-cavalier attitude about just throwing stuff together in a drink without any structure. … What Milk and Honey really did was refine the methodology, from the way we jigger to how one drink relates to one before it.” — Sam Ross, former Milk & Honey bartender [Time Out]

On boring granola: “It’s always just so brown. Why can’t we make it really, really festive? … I don’t understand the process of eating things just to submit yourself to boredom.” — Roy Choi, owner of Sunny Spot in Venice, CA [New York Times]

On what Daniel Boulud does all day: “I bitch at (everyone including) myself about making everything perfect.” — Chef Daniel Boulud [Grub Street]