When we’re out at pubs, we like—sometimes prefer—our beers to be on draft. After all, whether from cask or keg, that is the way people have encountered their brews for centuries. The growing trend of wine on tap, however, has to fight against preconceived notions of how we get our vino (after all, even the familiar boxed version still gets little love). After a trip to the Pacific Northwest, vintner and Zester Daily contributor Kathy Hunt weighs in on the appeal of draft wine.

Taste-wise, the wine may actually be better than its bottled brethren. Hung found that “the alcohol maintains its freshness long after the first pour.” With some, “these wines may keep for up to three months.”

The concept is actually neither new nor incongruous, though the general lack of wine on draft would lead us to think otherwise. Hunt advocates draft service for wines; not only does it taste good, but it significantly reduces the ecological footprint of the wine industry. She explains, kegs eliminate the need for corks, labels and cardboard shipping containers. Minimal packaging results in less waste, lower fuel costs and a greener, cheaper beverage delivery.” 

[via Zester Daily]