Alaskan Brewing Company has found a way to turn its brew waste into treasure by channeling it as an energy resource. The Juneau-based company invested in a $1.8 million furnace that can create steam by burning spent grain, which is a byproduct of brewing. That steam currently “powers the majority of the brewery’s operations,” and it has led “company officials [to] joke [that] they are now serving ‘beer-powered beer’.”

For Alaskan Brewing Co., it simply made financial sense to incorporate this alternative energy source. Previously, they had to ship spent grain to willing buyers in the contiguous states. Four years ago, the brewery began exploring the possibility of reducing cost and adding an alternative energy source at the same time. With the help of a near $500,000 grant received under the Rural Energy for America Program, the brewery was able to commission a North Dakota company to “build the special boiler system.” 

[via USA Today]