Don’t get fooled by its breezy monikers, Minute Maid and Simple Orange. Bloomberg Businessweek lifts the curtains on Coca-Cola’s orange juice operation, revealing the elaborate processes behind the production of these brands. 

At the bottling plant in Auburndale, Florida, a sophisticated algorithm keeps tabs on “the myriad flavors—more than 600 in all—that make up an orange, and consumer preferences.” Essentially, the purpose of the Black Book, as the system is called, is to “make sure consumers have consistent orange juice 12 months a year, even though the peak growing season lasts about three months.” 

Black Book is designed to assess varying situations like weather patterns and cost pressures, which allows Coca-Cola to keep a few steps ahead of the orange market. When it comes to the orange juice recipe, the algorithm will provide information on “how to blend batches to replicate a certain taste and consistency, right down to pulp content.”

[via Bloomberg Businessweek]