The week’s winding down, and hopefully you’re getting ready to clock out and enjoy a cocktail, a beer, a fresh juice, or whatever it is that gets you going. Sure, it’s “National Margarita Day,” but seriously—eff that! Made-up national food and booze holidays are ridiculous, because anyone who’s really about that ‘rita life knows that everyday is a good day for fresh margs.

With that, here’s what we’re excited about in the booze world this week:

1) Meet the inventor of the Long Island Iced Tea. Watch the video above to get familiar with Bob Butt, the dude who apparently invented every under-age drinker’s favorite tipple. As he explains, Life was good in the Hamptons in the ’70s,” and when you’re feeling good, you create drinks that are basically just a bunch a shit behind the bar poured into a tall glass. Seriously though, Bob is very likeable, and says he never wanted money for the drink, since he “invented it for fun.” Cheers to that! [via World’s Best Ever]

2) Taste-testing Trader Joe’s Kentucky bourbon. Who knew this existed? It only costs $15. [Serious Eats]

3) Cocktails on film. Everyone’s talking about food-on-film moments in preparation for the Oscars, but we appreciated’s booze focus, looking at the history of Martinis, whiskey sours, and more on the silver screen. []

4) The Anatomy of the Old-Fashioned: Check out this cool visual breakdown of the classic cocktail from Tasting Table. [Tasting Table]

5) New York City Beer Week is here! This citywide celebration of craft beer, which kicks off tonight and runs through March 3, is close to our hearts. There are a whole slew of parties, tastings, tap takeovers, and other great events at bars all over town, as well as some marquee festivals. One of our favorite beer events of each is Wednesday’s Brewer’s Choice, featuring rare pours from more than 20 breweries, all paired with local foods. If you’re in New York, check out the whole Beer Week lineup here.