Coffee consumption is a constant source of conversation in our office. One dude who works near us drinks about five cups of coffee a day—before 11am. Then he has a few more in the afternoon. He is awesome. Meanwhile, some folks don’t drink any caffeine, yet always seem to be incredibly energetic all the time. These people are insufferable.

With this in mind, I were interested in the findings of Zagat’s first coffee survey, which polled the caffeine habits of 1,700 respondents, if only to see how out of control my joe addiction is in comparison to the “norm.” Here are a few takeaways from the survey:

  • 2.2 cups a day is the average daily consumption.
  • $3.52 is the price at which people say a regular coffee costs “too much”—times have definitely changed.
  • Most people don’t shift their caffeine habits in an economic downturn. (When times are tough, people will always spend money on pets and caffeine.)
  • Only 8% say soy is their “creamer of choice.” Let’s hope it stays that way.

If you’re craving more coffee factoids, here’s a neat infographic via Esquire:


[via Huffington Post]