The world is a very different place since Soul Plane punched our brains at the theaters eight years ago. Snoop Dogg Lion shifted his zoomorphic allegiances; Sofia Vergara’s career has blossomed from fiesty Latina roles in mediocre films to a fiesty Latina role in an Emmy Award-winning series; and Katt Williams has had more appearances at a courthouse than films of late.

But one thing is still as clear now as it was then: Drunken shenanigans on airplanes always end poorly. The Week shows us why with a few real-life examples of high-altitude hijinks:

  • Two women allegedly under the influence prevented a flight from reaching its destination.
  • One man’s behavior was so out of hand—choking a woman and making paranoid claims, according to a fellow passenger—that he was taped to the seat.
  • One drunken woman gave lap dances to other passengers.
  • French actor Gerard Depardieu used the aisle as his personal restroom.

[via The Week]