In the decade between 2001-2011, our drinking habits have changed considerably, from cutting back on beer and diet soda to upping our water intake. Derek Thompson, senior editor at The Atlantic, analyzed data from the Beverage Information Group and drew a couple of conclusions.

According to Thompson, our preferences reflect one key trend: “The middle-class brands are getting crushed, and the high-end is running away with all the income.”

We’re not drinking as much beer as we’d think (even though craft beer sales increased by 15% the year before last, overall sales has steadily decreased). We’re more likely to grab a glass of Crown Royal and Woodford Reserve.

As Thompson concludes, “For the U.S., it might be the beginning of the end of an era of syrupy soda and cheap light beer. But for billions of families getting a first taste of middle-class life this decade, it’s something more like the beginning.”

[via The Atlantic]