Don’t be so quick to assume that your fermented grape juice is vegetarian-friendly. As the Aussie food site Good Food points out, “Wine producers traditionally employ a range of animal-related products including eggs, milk, gelatine and isinglass (a type of gelatine made from fish bladders) to fine or clarify their wines.”

That’s why more vegan producers are entering the market, switching up the process to avoid animal products. For example, “using clay-based bentonite instead of egg whites can produce a similar result, while ‘gentle extraction’ methods will soften tannins (yet another winemaking use for animal-based fining agents).”

In Europe, vegetarian wines are growing in popularity. They are linked to food movements that call for organic, sustainable, and biodynamic approaches. At British supermarket chain Tesco, a good half of the wines are vegetarian.

[via Good Food]