What does binge-drinking mean for women these days? CNN reports that females who consume four or more drinks in a sitting—in comparison to males who drink five or more—can be considered binge drinkers. According to the director of Center for Disease Control and Prevention, “of the estimated 23,000 annual deaths attributed to excessive alcohol use among women and girls, binge drinking was responsible for more than half of those deaths.”

On Huffington Post, Shelley Emling adds another layer to these findings, pointing to studies that show “women aged 45 to 64 drink more than any other age group.” In fact, youth does not correlate with a greater incidence of binge-drinking. Emling includes a 2009 study publicized in the American Journal of Psychiatry, which found “23 percent of men and 9 percent of women between 50 and 64 reported drinking at least five alcoholic beverages in the same day.”