There are schemes and then there are schemes—you know, like those ones that are so obvious and simple that they border on brilliant? For anyone into small-batch spirits, Esquire‘s recommendation of volunteering at a distillery with the sole aim of getting drunk for free is not too shabby.

Jennifer Nalewicki names four distilleries around the country where you can donate your time in exchange for food, drink, and sometimes a tour. She makes sure to also indicate the kind of “payout” each distillery offers for a volunteer’s time and services.

  • Breckenridge Distillery (Breckenridge, Colorado): “Free dinner and beers from a local restaurant and brewery, plus a bottle of liquor.”
  • Wigle Whiskey (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania): “Free cocktails and snacks, a T-shirt, and a tour of the distillery (usually $20).”
  • Dry Fly Distillery (Spokane, Washingtone): Lunch; a free flight of vodka, gin, or bourbon in the tasting area; and a T-shirt.”
  • Garrison Brothers Distiller (Hye, Texas): “Free breakfast and lunch, tour of the distillery, bottle of bourbon, T-shirt, bumper sticker, and keychain.”

[via Esquire]