Welcome to “Ask a Beer Pro,” a new monthly feature where we ask Greg Engert—the craft-brew maven behind D.C.’s Birch & Barley and ChurchKey, as well as the forthcoming Bluejacket brewery—to help us discover new suds to try. Got a question? Tweet it @churchkeydc and @firstwefeast.

There may be no pairing more all-American than beer and nachos. Yet too often, the results are underwhelming, degraded by crappy light lager and lazy, cheddar-sprinkled Tostitos. It’s high time this classic combo gets the respect it deserves.

So, while we’re getting ambitious with our chips and cheese during #nachoweek, we figured why not elevate the beer pairings as well? For help, we hit up Greg Engert, who has won a James Beard Award for his skills at matching suds and grub. Here, Greg breaks down pairing ideas for five popular nacho preparations.

Game day just got a lot more interesting…