It takes more than knowing a Pinot Noir from a Cabernet Sauvignon to qualify as a viticulturist—you need a real education.

In Northern California, you can choose to study the science and business of wine at one of the few higher learning institutions that expects you to drink (responsibly) in class. While UC Davis focuses more on research, Napa Valley College is about prepping students for real-world wine industry jobs, according to Paul Franson of Napa Valley Register.

The Viticulture and Winery Technology program is designed to be a 360-degree experience, teaching the entire process of winemaking, from growing grapes to making them into wine. Students can pursue “both viticulture and winery production certificates and wine marketing and sales certificates as well as two-year associate of science degrees specializing in viticulture, winemaking or marketing and sales.”

[via Napa Valley Register]