Parisians aren’t about to let a higher beer tax stop them from getting their craft brew (or bière artisanale) on. Though few breweries are born and bred in the city, it is not without a history of beer-drinking. The Independent writer Will Hawkes takes a look at the evolving suds culture in Paris and meets purveyors like Thierry Roche, who runs the trailblazing brewery La Goutte D’Or.

While there are nearly 400 breweries in France, high property costs have prevented many brewers from setting up shop in Paris. This is one of a few reasons why La Goutte D’Or is unique. It’s located in a working class neighborhood, and Roche makes a point of making the beer he wants “rather than the beer that he knows Parisians will drink.”

The array of brasseries should indicate that Parisians have an appetite for beer. It is suggested that the term itself comes from beer.

[via The Independent]