At the Round Robin Bar in D.C.’s Willard Hotel, Jim Hewes can give anyone over the age of 21 a refresher—quite literally—on each of the 44 U.S. presidents to date. With about 30 years of experience at Round Robin, the bartender has a knack for incorporating the lessons of U.S. history in his banter and boozy creations. 

To help educate imbibers, he has crafted a special drinks list to celebrate President Obama’s inauguration. The menu consists of various cocktails that weave in references to U.S. presidents. President Obama, for instance, is reflected in the Blue Hawaiian, a tequila cocktail mixed with Curacao and lime juice that honors POTUS’s home state. For John Quincy Adams, meanwhile, Hewes makes a hot buttered rum drink with Caribbean rum, fresh fruit, and island spices.

The bar itself has seen its fair share of booze-fueled political history. It is where John Tyler was first introduced to the mint julep by a Kentucky politician named Henry Clay.

[via The Salt]