Last week, we started a weekly round-up of the best in craft beer. Since then, we’ve learned that beer has the type of anti-virus properties that can fight respiratory syncytial virus. Here’s some other sudsy news that came across our radar this week:

  • SF Weekly: The ’16’ in Jewbelation Sweet 16 from Shmaltz Brewing is their for a reason: It boasts 16 malts, 16 hops, and 16% ABV (alcohol by volume). With notes of dark chocolate, molasses, and tobacco, the beer would pair well with a cigar. And, given the name, it would make a fine celebratory brew for Hanukah as well.
  • Beer Street JournalOn Wednesday, Troeg’s will drop a Mayan Apocalypse–inspired imperial stout.
  • Los Angeles Times: If you ever wanted a beer to go with a hearty breakfast, North Coast Brewing’s Old Rasputin Russian Imperial Stout, thanks to its strong notes of dark coffee.
  • USA Today: Bell’s Brewery in Michigan has released Hell Hath No Fury, which unlike a typical stout has little to no roasted notes. Instead, the stout evokes raisins for the most part, with a hint of caramel.
  • Star Tribune: December is a good time for seasonal brews in Minnesota, with a slew of breweries and brewpubs like Town Hall Brewery, August Schell Brewing Co., and Indeed Brewing rolling out their interpretations of winter warmers.
  • Chicagoist: Green Bay’s Hinterland Brewing Company released an easy-to-drink, smoky stout called Luna Coffee that goes best with dessert and grilled red meat.
  • The MetroWest Daily News: 3 Beards Beer Company of Northborough, MA is putting out a series of beers developed by homebrewers; the first is Lumberjack Black Lager.


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