The latest celebrity to get in on the booze endorsement bandwagon is the none other than the big man Shaq, who is getting ready to release his own gluten-free vodka (okay…), according to the New York Press. Five important things to note:

  1. It is called “Luv Shaq.”
  2. It will likely be coconut-flavored.
  3. It is a deal with Drew Adelman of Devotion Vodka (a.k.a. the same dude who got sued by the Situation over his ridiculous protein-infused vodka).
  4. It will be cheaper than Ciroc (Shaq Luv bottle service, here we come).
  5. It is called “Luv Shaq.” (Worth noting twice.)

There is a long and ignominious history of celebrities endorsing booze, from ‘Lil Kim to Bruce Willis, Ringo Starr to Dan Aykroyd. Our opinion is that if it’s going to taste bad, at least it should be amusing to order. And we vow to order Luv Shaq at least once, just for jokes.

[via Grubstreet]