Beyoncé recently inked a deal with Pepsi to endorse the soft drink through a wide range of channels. One reader of Marion Nestle’s blog, Food Politics, asked the nutrition expert and NYU professor how this move jibes with the pop star’s previous effort to raise awareness for school nutrition in the name of the First Lady’s health initiative.

As to whether Bey should take into account her influence on kids in her decision to accept the multi-million deal, Nestle delivers “an unambiguous yes.” In fact, she takes the criticism one notch higher and points to the problematic history of soft drink labels targeting low-income, minority children.

She concludes, “If Beyoncé’s mission is to inspire young people of any color to look gorgeous and rise to the top, as she has done, she is now telling them that the way to get there—and to get rich—is to drink Pepsi.”

Nestle isn’t the only one taking issue with the partnership. The D.C.-based Center for Science in the Public Interest issued a public letter that asks the singer to reconsider in light of the “litany of health problems linked to sugary drinks, including obesity, diabetes, heart disease and tooth decay.”

And if she sticks with the deal? CSPI is hoping she’ll donate her proceeds to a hospital, diabetes organization, or a relevant charity.


[via Food Politics]