Can boxed wine ever overcome the stigma of being subpar swill? It’ll take some doing, but with craft beer reclaiming the can and wines like “From the Tank” improving the image of boxed vino, anything possible. Plus there are some obvious benefits—as Village Voice contributor Lauren Mowery points out, “a box holds more wine, creates less garbage, weighs less, and costs less.”

Mowery introduces eight suitable options that range from 1-3 liters and runs anywhere from $8 to $40. Through her research, she gained some hard-won lessons worth keeping in mind when copping wine by the box:

  • Red wines over white.
  • Absolutely no boxed wines as party favors.
  • Drink the wine within 24 hours of opening.
  • Keep a pair of pliers on hand to pull out the spigot.

[via Village Voice]