On behalf of farmers facing the effects of a dwindling dairy market, Gawker (of all places) is calling for all Americans to increase their intake of milk. In support of the cause, they refer to the Wall Street Journal‘s report on a near 30% drop in milk consumption post-1975. Several factors have contributed to the drop, including price increases and the fact that we now have far more sources of essential nutrients to choose from.

Gawker did the math on the ratio of protein in milk versus Muscle Milk in order to illustrate the cost efficiency of going with the old-school option instead. With a generous dose of its trademark snark, the site asks that you consider “what other food except for scavenged insects can offer you such a protein bang for your buck.”

The dairy industry, meanwhile, is trying several methods to regain its footing. Tactics include switching things up in its “Got Milk” campaign and encouraging the use of the “Real” seal that some dairy producers put on milk cartons and other products.

We don’t usually take life advice from Gawker, but in this case, they may have a point.

[via Gawker]