Amidst the craft beer revival, we can’t forget the predecessors—domestic and imported—that kept America buzzing before the dawn of this new era. In honor of the 140th anniversary of Heineken next year, Ad Age unearthed a 1968 television commercial, which at the time was cutting-edge in introducing the Dutch to the idea of bottled beer.

The commercial marked a turning point for consumer history in the Netherlands. Until then, the conventional notion on beer was that it was to be had via kegs or on draft. Enter Alfred Heineken, the grandson of brewery founder, who came up with a number of brand-building ideas—including the commercial tagline “Heerlijk Helder Heineken,” which means “delicious, clear Heineken” or “wonderful, bright Heineken.”

The tagline stayed around for nearly three decades before it was replaced with a more globally minded one: “Open Your World.”


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