The web has been abuzz this week with news that Beyoncé inked a $50 million marketing deal with Pepsi Co. The deal will have her appearing in commercials and letting the brand ride shotgun in her creative endeavors. Her likeness will also adorn Pepsi cans everywhere.

The best part for her? As the general manager of her company Parkwood Entertainment Lee Anne Callahan-Longo tells The New York Times, there are a lot of future possibilities, including “collaborative projects that indulge Beyoncé’s creative whims, and might well have no explicit connection to Pepsi products.”

It’s not the first time the multi-hyphenate entertainer endorsed the cola drink. She previously appeared in a commercial that paid tribute to the iconic ’90s commercial featuring Cindy Crawford, while promoting the smash single “Crazy in Love” off her first album. She has also played a Roman warrior alongside fellow fighters Britney Spears and Pink in a coliseum presided over by Enrique Iglesias as the emperor.

Other singers who have flown the Pepsi flag include Michael Jackson, Mariah Carey, Mary J. Blige, Ray Charles, and Christina Aguilera.

[via The New York Times]