For a while, Starbucks seemed to be waking up from its operational excesses and pulling back a bit from the precipice from complete ubiquity. Even The Simpsons made fun of the full-on Starbucks inundation. The joke may soon become relevant again, though, as The Boston Globe reports the chain has plans to open up 1,500 new stores over the next five years.

This second offensive may be a bit savvier than the last one. One executive, Cliff Burrows, tells the Globe that the “problem wasn’t that Starbucks was oversaturated, but that the company hadn’t been careful about its store openings.”

As part of the new expansion model, the coffee company will be offering limited-edition steel gift cards for the price of $450 (they’re loaded with $400 of credit). Available on, there are only 5,000 cards available.

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