As it grows into more and more of a player on the world scene, Israeli wine has been codified in a dictionary featuring 220 words, courtesy of the Hebrew Language Academy. The text includes a wide range of terms relevant to winemakers, including Biblical words like ‘eshkol,’ or a bunch of grapes.

Continuing from a starter edition in 2009, the dictionary includes words in Hebrew, English, and French as “the academy believes that adopting outside influences is also a part of the way a language grows.” Alongside (or perhaps due to) this expansion in language, the culture of Israeli wine has grown to include wine festivals, and the quality of vino has improved significantly.

According to the Jerusalem Post, “the ‘modern’ Israeli wine industry grew from the vineyards of Zichron Ya’acov, planted at the initiative of the Baron Edmond de Rothschild, just over 150 years ago, but its roots go back thousands of years.” The industry now encompasses 250 wineries.

[via The Jerusalem Post]