To celebrate 110th birthday of Janet Sheed Roberts, the granddaughter of Glenfiddich founder William Grant, her family decided to auction 11 bottles from the whisky cask named after her. One of the Glenfiddich Janet Sheed Roberts Reserve 55 Year Olds fetched $94,000 from an Atlanta whisky lover, making it the most expensive whisky ever sold.

Glenfiddich’s Malt Master Brian Kinsman assisted the family in settling on the cask for auction. According to him, instead of becoming exponentially smoky or oaky, the whisky has mellowed over time: “It’s very delicate. It’s very floral and fruity. It’s quite sweet. And it’s just incredibly elegant.”

Today, the last bottle will be auctioned for charity; this time it will take place in Los Angeles, and the proceeds will go to the World Resources Institute. The remaining four bottles will be kept by the family. Sadly, Roberts won’t see how coveted her namesake spirit is; she passed away earlier this year in April.

[via NPR]