A couple weeks ago, we spent a few days sifting through the the Condé Nast archives to find the 50 funniest food cartoons from The New Yorker. At first we figured we’d throw all of the food and drink gags together into one category, but as we dug deeper, it became clear that boozing has developed its own unique legacy in the magazine’s history, as well as a distinct stable of skilled practitioners like Bernard Schoenbaum and Jack Ziegler. So we decided another collection was in order, just in time for the weekend and all the wine-soaked tomfoolery it promises to bring.

Readers will be able to relate to many of the topics covered. From J.B. Handelsman’s 1993 portrayal of a bar scene in which a man offers to buy everyone a drink in exchange for them listening to his opinions, to a character asking his waiter for a wine recommendation “for a guy who’s trying like hell to impress his date” (in an unpublished panel by Mick Stevens), the scenes depicted in these cartoons are all too familiar.

Click through the gallery above to see our 50 favorite booze cartoons from The New Yorker.

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