Now that marijuana is legalized in Colorado, Coloradoan speculates whether the herb will be featured in any commercial beer. The answer is likely no, as “brewer’s recipes are regulated by federal government where marijuana is still illegal.”

Whereas commercials brewers must adhere to these federal laws, homebrewers have no such restrictions on their ability to throw weed into some experimental ales. The director of American Homebrewer Association Gary Glass has found homebrewers featuring marijuana in beers even before Amendment 64 passed.

Don’t let that lead you to think the brew process is easy. Brewing with tetrahydrocannabinol (a.k.a. THC) requires a nuanced touch, as it is only “slightly soluble in boiling water.” To navigate this hurdle, homebrewers are recommended to add alcohol, oil, or butter. As THC needs an oil catalyst to work, Zach Weakland of High Hops Brewing believes THC “may have to be cooked into an oil before being added to the fermenter.”

[via Coloradoan]